Concussions in football

Concussions in football

Frontline has launched what they’re calling “Concussion Watch” which is now in its 10th week now. The purpose of Concussion Watch is to track officially reported head injuries in the NFL. There has been a recent movement in football across the nation as people are asking themselves “just how safe is football?” A recent lawsuit has been brought against the NFL spearheaded by ex Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon. McMahon is contending that all of the years of enduring concussions has now left him battling dementia.

Plaintiffs in the case include the family of former San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau, who was found to suffer from chronic brain damage after his suicide last May, as well as lesser-known players, including roughly 400 plaintiffs who never played a single down in the league, but took to the practice field.

The NCAA is also having to confront concussion claims in their league. Former college football players Chris Walker, Ben Martin and Dan Ahern are scheduled for mediation on Feb. 18 with the NCAA before retired U.S. District Judge Layn Phillips. Phillips recently helped the NFL settle the league’s concussion cases for $765 million. Those cases were brought by more than 4,500 former players, and the NCAA could eventually see a similar number of complaints.

Concussions is a serious problem in contact sports in America. We need to address how we can make these sports safer for everyone that plays them, and we need to insure that the players get compensated for any long lasting injuries they sustained while being player in these leagues.

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