Truck driver on Facebook kills police officer

Truck driver on Facebook kills police officer

A truck driver who was distracted on his cell phone surfing websites such as Facebook, female escort sites, and pornographic websites smashed into a police officer’s vehicle and kills him. The shocking video shows 33-year-old Jorge Espinoza slamming his truck into an Arizona police cruiser on May 6th.

Espinoza faces a mountain of charges against him including one count of second-degree murder, 13 counts of endangerment, and six of criminal damage. He pleaded not guilty to all charges. The moral of this tragic story is that distracted driving kills. We’ve all been tempted to check our text messages, or respond to Facebook messages while driving but the results can often times be fatal.

It’s easy to point our fingers at Espinoza and villainize him, but the fact is if you’ve ever operated a motor vehicle while being distracted by your cell phone this could happen to you or someone you know, either as the victim or the perpetrator.

The National Safety Council has declared April as the national “Distracted Driving Awareness Month.” I think that although it’s good to have a month to observe the victims of distracted driving it’s important to remember to put your cell phone away year around.


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